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With its origins in the early 1900s, workers’ compensation is one of the oldest forms of insurance in America. The workers’ compensation system attempts to balance the combating interests of injured employees and employers. The employee benefits in receiving immediate compensation for work-related injuries, while the advantage to the employer lies in the exclusivity of remedy, preventing the employer from being sued in other civil forums.

If the employee is injured on the job, the workers’ compensation system awards a benefit to the employee regardless of responsibility for the injury. The intention of this “no-fault” feature of workers’ compensation is to reduce the litigation that, in the past, typically followed an injury.

For the most part, the modern workers’ compensation system is reasonably efficient. Most companies have a workers’ compensation insurance policy in place to cover their employees in the event of a work-related injury. Although insurance companies are happy to collect insurance premiums from employers, the same companies are often poorly responsive to the employees’ needs. In fact, insurance companies systematically deny benefits to injured employees.

An employee’s injuries combined with uncooperative insurance companies can be compounded by the psychological and financial stress of a poorly litigated lawsuit. This need not be the case if you have the right lawyer, a lawyer who believes in your cause and will fight to protect the rights you are entitled to under the law.

I am a workers’ compensation attorney and a member of the State Bar of Los Angeles. I have developed a practice based on values we all share. I believe the workers’ compensation system is one of the greatest developments in this country’s industrial age. Greedy insurance companies spoil this system by systematically denying workers their rights. To take on an insurance company with its enormous resources is a monumental challenge. I welcome such a challenge.

I am a true advocate. Once I take your case and accept you as a client, I will go to any length to protect your interests and deliver the compensation you deserve. I am driven by the needs of injured employees. This website provides you with an in-depth insight into the workers’ compensation system and informally instructs you on how you can benefit from my services. When you hire me, you will not only have an attorney who cares for your recovery and health, but also an advocate who will fight for your rights, answer your questions, keep you updated with the status of your case and let you know what to expect. There is no fee for the initial consultation of your work-related injury and there is no obligation to hire the Law Offices. There are no up-front fees and you will not owe us any money if there is no recovery. Click here to Contact Us and start your recovery today.  

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